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About Me

Hi! 你好 ni hao! I am Yunyun Gu 顾韵昀 but I go by Winnie. As a third culture individual with a multicultural upbringing, I love to connect with people of different backgrounds, exchange ideas, forge meaningful relationships, and promote diversity and inclusion. Community lies at the heart of my creative and educational work.

I am currently working as a full-time lead science teacher and a part-time freelance content creator/graphic designer.

About Education

I believe education is never about teaching in the present moment. Rather, it is creating opportunities for the future. With the rise of AI, AR, and VR technology, it has become increasingly crucial for younger generations to become technologically literate. Therefore, technology immersion has always been one of my objectives, especially in art and science. My effort of bringing technology to education has been featured on Success Academy Mission Possible Blog.

When Winnie Gu first accepted a job to teach at Success Academy, she had one key goal in mind: to instill in her students the same love of exploratory learning and passion for creativity that she has been cultivating since a young age. Now a K-2 art teacher at SA Cobble Hill, her classes go way beyond the fundamentals of art and basic color — her young artists are taking on the sophisticated world of digital design, with surprising results.

About Design

To me, being a teacher and a designer are both paths to creativity. Through my studies in art, architecture, and education, as well as my involvement in the webcomic scene, I have developed a loving relationship with graphic design. "How can we make ___ accessible, recognizable, and relatable?" is always a question in my mind when it comes to any project in any field. 

The illustrations and animations were created by Yunyun “Winnie” Gu ’19 ’21G, who has been integral to Lehigh’s “Be Clutch” safety campaign that was launched for the start of the Fall 2020 semester. The campaign, which includes posters, gifs, stickers and buttons, aims to raise awareness among students about Lehigh’s safety procedures and protocols by delivering the messages in a relatable way.


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